Full List of Bixby Voice Commands for Galaxy S8 & S8+


The long-awaited rollout of Bixby Voice is finally here. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from a US carrier, you should be able to get the update now. Bixby Voice is just a baby compared to some of the other virtual assistants out there, but it can do a lot out of the box. There are hundreds of voice commands you can use to do a wide variety of tasks.

As you’ll see with this massive list of commands, Bixby can do pretty much anything you can do. It can even go so far as to scroll up and down on webpages for you. The idea is for you to be completely hands-free. Just command Bixby to do something and there’s a good chance it will work.

Common Commands

  • Open Facebook
  • What time is it?
  • What’s the date today?
  • Turn the volume up/down
  • Restart off my phone
  • Flashlight on/off
  • Turn on Emergency mode
  • Play music
  • Stop the music
  • What song is this?
  • What’s the name of this song?
  • Remind me to buy milk tomorrow at 9 am
  • Show me my most recent reminder
  • Delete the shopping reminder
  • What’s the weather like?
  • How is the weather going to be tomorrow?
  • Will it rain today?
  • What’s the weather in Boston tomorrow?
  • What’s the UV index in Miami tomorrow?

Screen & Navigation

  • Take a screenshot
  • Go back
  • Show the Home screen
  • Scroll up/down
  • Swipe left/right
  • Scroll to the top/bottom
  • Zoom in/out
  • Turn on auto rotate
  • Set the phone to portrait mode
  • Turn off the screen

Notifications & System Tasks

  • Show me my most recent app in split screen view
  • Close Messages
  • Close all recent apps
  • Open Messages in split screen view
  • Show me my recent apps
  • Open this app as a pop-up
  • Minimize this app
  • Switch windows
  • Close Messages
  • Clear notifications from Messages
  • Show me all notifications
  • Open the quick panel
  • Close the notification panel
  • Expand the notification from Messages
  • Control the brightness on the notification panel
  • Read all notifications
  • Read the latest notification

Questions & Answers

  • How far is the sun from Earth?
  • What is the definition of doodle?
  • How do you spell restaurant?
  • Who was the 44th president of the USA?
  • Show me how to make cheesecake
  • When is Thanksgiving?
  • Who was the first man on the moon?
  • How long is a cheetah’s tail?
  • What is 10×5?
  • How many calories in a bagel?
  • When is sunrise in Paris?
  • What is a fathom?
  • How many feet in a mile?

Samsung Apps

Of course, Bixby Voice has great integration with Samsung’s own apps. Here are some of the things you can do with Bixby and Samsung apps.

“Open Gallery and”

  • Find pictures taken in New York
  • Show me the most recent picture
  • Share this picture
  • Delete this picture
  • Show me the travel album
  • Show me the most recent pictures as a slideshow
  • Auto adjust the picture
  • Rotate this picture to the right
  • Play the most recent video
  • Show me the list of albums
  • Add the most recent picture from Friends album to Favorites
  • Remove the auto adjust effects from the most recent picture
  • Delete the location info from the most recent picture
  • Delete the travel album
  • Copy pictures taken at Christmas to a new album
  • Show the details for the most recent picture

“Open Contacts and”

  • Create a new contact as David with the number 123-4567
  • Search for David and call him on speaker phone
  • Search for David and call his home
  • Call this number on speaker phone
  • Call my office number
  • Call David
  • Text David
  • Show David’s contact info
  • Show profile updates for David
  • Video call David’s mobile phone
  • Show my friends group
  • Make my birthday shared
  • Change my status message to busy
  • Link David to Jane
  • Add David to favorites
  • Send a message to everyone in Friends
  • Merge all contacts with the same info
  • Turn on Google account sync

“Open Phone app and”

  • Show Recents
  • Show missed calls
  • Accept
  • Decline the call and Send the text as I am in a meeting
  • Call 123-4567 on speaker phone
  • Block 1234-5678
  • Call with speed dial number 2
  • Open the keypad
  • Make a call to 123-4567
  • Call the most recent number
  • Delete the most recent number
  • Show recent searches
  • Block David
  • Video call the most recent number
  • Block the last number called
  • Call this number
  • Add David to speed dial 2
  • Turn on vibrate when call ends

“Open Settings and”

  • Turn on WiFi in Settings
  • Search for nearby WiFi networks in Settings
  • Disconnect from WiFi in Settings
  • Turn on Bluetooth in Settings
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices in Settings
  • Go to dual audio in Settings
  • Show me my Data usage
  • Turn on Data saver
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Show me NFC settings
  • Set the ringtone volume to 50
  • Increase the system volume
  • Turn on Do not disturb
  • Don’t disturb me between 10 pm and 7 am
  • Set the display brightness to 50
  • Make the screen brighter
  • Turn on Blue light filter

” Open Messages and”

  • Show me the most recent message
  • Block the most recent conversation
  • Turn off notifications for the conversation with David
  • Copy the most recent text
  • Show me pictures from the conversation with David
  • Mark all unread messages as read
  • Delete all conversations
  • Take a photo and send it to David
  • Show me settings

“Open Camera and”

  • Take a picture
  • Record a video
  • Turn on the front camera
  • Turn on HDR
  • Turn on Flash
  • Show me pictures
  • Set the timer for rear camera to 10 seconds
  • Apply an effect
  • Turn on Save RAW and JPEG files for rear camera
  • Turn on video stabilization
  • Adjust the ISO of Pro mode to 200
  • Adjust the exposure value of Pro mode to 1
  • Turn on grid lines

“Open Clock and”

  • Set an alarm for tomorrow at 6 am
  • Turn off the 6 am alarm
  • Show me the time in New York
  • Dismiss the alarm
  • Show the timer
  • Open the stopwatch
  • Add London to my world clock
  • Open the time zone converter in the world clock

“Open Calculator and”

  • Calculate 5 + 10 x 4
  • Show the unit converter
  • Convert 25 inches to cm

“Open Calendar and”

  • Create an event
  • Shoe me March 23rd
  • Show me the month of October
  • Delete my completed tasks
  • Mark grocery shopping as done
  • Delete all of my meetings for today
  • Show me the settings
  • Change the first day of the week to Sunday
  • Show week numbers
  • Turn on notifications
  • Lock the time zone
  • Change the time zone to New York
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