15 Cool Bixby Voice commands Galaxy S8 users should try



Bixby Voice is officially rolling out to users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in the U.S. There’s a ton of voice commands you can use. Seriously, there is A LOT of stuff Bixby can do. All of the typical voice assistant stuff is there. Like asking for the current temperature, celebrity ages, simple math equations, and conversations, setting reminders, etc. But Bixby is much more than that.

The difference between Bixby and Google Assistant or Siri is that Bixby can actually interact with your phone. You can ask it to do pretty much anything you can do. Bixby can even scroll up and down for you. It’s like watching a ghost use your phone. Everything moves on the screen as if a person is interacting with it. Try a few of these example commands below to get an idea of what Bixby can do.

Check out the full list of commands to see just how much Bixby can do!

Open Contacts and create a new contact as David with the number 123-4567

Open Camera and record a video

Open Google Play Music and Play my thumbs up playlist

Open Pandora and play the Today’s Hits station

Read the latest notification

Open Uber and get me an Uber to the airport

Open email and search for emails from David

Open Gmail and compose email for David with subject Meeting Tomorrow

Open Facebook and post a recent picture

Open Instagram and post the most recent picture I took with the caption Party Time

Open WhatsApp and send message that I am late to David

Open my files and find doc files

Open Google Play Store and search for Samsung Pay

Open Gallery and find pictures taken in New York

Open YouTube and show my subscription page

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