Could an Amazon messaging app be a game changer?


When I read that Amazon could be working on a messaging app of their own, my eyes rolled a little bit. It’s not that I don’t think Amazon has what it takes to make a nice service or anything, but simply that I don’t think anyone is clamoring for yet another messaging platform.

And I thought to myself: what could Amazon do to pull people away from the tons of app already in use? What could Amazon do that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegraph, Hangouts, GroupMe, Kik, Skype, et. al don’t already provide?

Well, they’ll have the ubiquity thing down, at least, with the company’s survey about an app — currently being referred to as Anytime — suggesting it’ll be a one-stop shop for instant messaging, SMS messaging, video calling, and more, and with all the bells and whistles you crave.

But the last item on their long list is an ability to chat with businesses, something Facebook has been working on with some success and Google is looking to emulate. Who better than Amazon to offer the same?

They’re the biggest online shopping store on the world wide web, so there’d be plenty of value added for both users and businesses alike. Whether it’s quick customer service or maybe even custom order requests, it could be an absolute game changer.

Tie all of it together with Alexa integration and, well, that’d be one platform I actually wouldn’t mind migrating my entire social circle to (because let’s face it: no one really gives a crap about stickers, doodling, and all sorts of other superfluous things apps like Allo are trying to push as disruptive).

So do we need another messaging app? Not really, but Amazon could give us the first meaningful reason to switch from established services, and we absolutely wouldn’t mind that.

[via AFTV News]

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