Jul 17th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 11:24 am

Samsung has announced that PayPal is now a valid payment option for Samsung Pay users. This is pretty nice news for those who use PayPal to move their money around.

The way it works is simple: link your PayPal account to Samsung Pay, and you can use your Samsung Pay phone — such as the Galaxy S8 — to pay for goods with your PayPal account at almosy any store with a credit card terminal.

The partnership also extends to the online space, with PayPal’s Braintree service enabling in-app and online payments through Samsung Pay.

This strategic partnership between Samsung and PayPal will mutually benefit both organizations’ customers. PayPal users will now be able to use their PayPal wallet for offline payment transactions at millions of merchants where Samsung Pay is currently accepted, while Samsung Pay customers can leverage PayPal’s Braintree assets for easier online checkout.

The US gets it first, with additional countries planned to be added over time.

[via Samsung]