The Pixel XL 2 could turn out to be absolutely gorgeous [VIDEO]


Last week, the folks at Android Police were able to give everyone a sneak peak of the upcoming Pixel XL 2 thanks to a new render of the device. The render shows a design overhaul when it comes to the camera, back glass panel, and display.

There is still some speculation as to who will be manufacturing this device, but someone has created a new concept video of the device based on the above renders. The video takes a look at all of the different color options that the device could be released in, including the “Really Blue” variant and an absolutely stunning Red/Black variant.

Naturally, this is just a concept video and in no way confirms what the Pixel XL 2 will bring to the market. However, if you’re like me and are itching for Google to launch its next lineup of smartphones, then this will help you salivate just a little bit more.

Let us know what you think about this concept video and if this is something that you’ll like to see Google announce this Fall.


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