Samsung will supply AMOLED displays to Xiaomi for future phones


The battle for the OLED screen space is heating up between Samsung and LG. Recent reports suggest that both Google and Apple have invested in LG’s burgeoning OLED display technology, while Xiaomi is reportedly tapping Samsung for its future displays.

A new report says the two companies inked a contract today for Samsung to supply Xiaomi with 6.01″ rigid OLED panels, with the first shipments expected in December. The contract says 1 million units will be shipped the first month, followed by 2.2 million units in the following month.

Some reports suggested that Xiaomi would be joining Google and Apple in relying on LG’s OLED panels, but delays in LG’s plant operations caused that deal to fall through. The plant is expected to start operations in August, which is much later than originally planned, likely due to the upgrading the OLED Panel resolution from Full HD to Quad HD.

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