Jun 28th, 2017

Just because a smartphone doesn’t carry a super high IP rating, doesn’t mean it’s going to short circuit the second it comes into contact with water. Most higher-end devices these days feature some level of water resistance and in the case of the OnePlus 5, it could be better at fighting off a little moisture than you might think.

In a YouTube video, Techno Unboxing puts his brand new OnePlus 5 into a bowl filled with water. The test is short, only 1 minute fully submerged in water but if nothing else, should give you some piece of mind in knowing the phone will likely survive a fall into a water puddle or perhaps even the toilet. IP rating or not, there’s no denying the phone survived this (admittedly short) test.

At least for now…

As some people in the comments already mentioned, the real test comes in 5-7 days when complications due to moisture could eventually manifest themselves. We’ll have to follow up with the YouTuber at a later time, but for now the device appears to be fine.

Note: This does not — in any way — mean that the OnePlus 5 is waterproof as the video alludes to.

It’s entirely possible some random hardware component will stop working, or the entire phone itself like some form of sudden infant death syndrome. If nothing else, this video was more for entertainment purposes, so please — don’t try this at home.

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