HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Google+ turns 6 years old today


Six years ago today, Google launched its own social media platform, and my oh my, have things changed. Many of us “pundits” (myself included) deadpanned Google+, stating that there’s no place for another social network to bump elbows with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Well, here we are six years later and Google+ is still kicking around. The network saw a redesign in November of 2015 but hasn’t seen too many changes since then. Google has slowly been adding various features as it continues to attempt to enhance the platform, including the recent return of “Events”.

However, it’s safe to say that not everyone engages or uses Google+ the same way that they use Facebook or Twitter. There are also more than enough spam accounts and communities to leave annoyances when you get random messages through Hangouts or the like.

Regardless of its shortcomings, Google+ is seemingly here to stay, and won’t be cannibalized like other projects that we’ve seen in the past. Well, at least not yet.

Let us know if you’re still using Google+ on a semi-regular basis and if so, be sure to give us a follow!

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