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Now that the OnePlus 5 has been officially revealed and will be available to purchase on June 27th, the artist contracted to create the wallpapers for the new device has shared his work on his personal blog. Artist Hampus Olsson has also shared a tidbit in how he created the unique wallpapers, too.

When I started working on the wallpapers for the OnePlus 5, I wanted to try something new and fun. I thought I would experiment with macro photography this time, together with my dad, who was currently visiting me in India. We got a bunch of plastic containers which we started pouring acrylic, ink, and mediums into.

We captured a bunch of photos of the fluid mix, while it was changing pattern quickly. Many of the photos could be used in various ways, like being wrapped onto 3D surfaces, or mixed to look like hot lava and cold winds to complement the final artwork. However, most of these photos weren’t used. Instead, I created a more refined and subtle style that was developed to fit the style OnePlus was looking for with this phone.

The result is a gorgeous set of artwork that you can now download in 2K and 4K versions, if you like the look of what you see. Here’s just a small sample of the official wallpapers.

The official website has the wallpapers available in 2K, 4K, and with the OnePlus’ “Never Settle” logo branded over the top of them. Frankly, the unbranded wallpapers look the best and I look forward to seeing them when my OnePlus 5 arrives on Friday.

Get OnePlus 5 Wallpapers

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