Snapchat’s new ‘Snap Map’ feature lets you zoom out to see friends on a map


When Instagram isn’t copying Snapchat’s best features, Snapchat is doing everything they can to stay relevant — even if that means resurrecting old Instagram features. In an update rolling out soon to mobile devices, Snapchat now lets users browse Snaps on a map.

They’re calling it “Snap Map” (makes sense) and users can simply pinch on the viewfinder screen to open a map. The map can be zoomed in/out to see what friends are up to and, of course, users can opt out if they prefer to stay hidden. Privacy concerns aside, it sounds like a fun way to keep tabs on your friends for people who are into that sorta thing.

Since nothing is done in the background, locations are only updated whenever a user opens the app (they don’t necessarily have to post a Snap). It’s a pretty small update, one that should be rolling out soon on the Google Play Store (it still wasn’t available at the time of writing).

Let me know if any of you plan on using it. We’re already counting down the days until Instagram steals their original idea back and reintroduces it inside their app. Lol

via Snap Inc

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