Jun 19th, 2017

Essential shared many details about their phone already, but they left out one bit that might interest you. The company is using a gyro-based system for electronic image stabilization in lieu of an optical solution.

Gyro-based EIS is something we saw introduced by Google on the Pixel. That phone uses an algorithm that reads the subtle changes of the phone’s gyro sensor to continuously track movement and keep the camera steady and stable while it’s in your hand.

This is a technology primarily meant to keep video recordings looking smooth even as you pan the camera or walk around.

What we don’t know is whether Essential is using the same algorithm Google did, though if it works just as well then perhaps it doesn’t matter. Of course, the Essential phone has other imagery issues that may need ironing out before it hits the masses, so as cool as this feature would be, we’ll reserve our excitement until we see evidence that its camera can be used for more than just child’s play.

[via Twitter]

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