OnePlus 5 racks up 60,000 pre-registrations in China before it’s even announced


To say that people are watching the OnePlus 5 closely could be an understatement. While OnePlus has casually admitted to its existence and even given us photos of the thing, they have yet to make a formal announcement.

Yet, over in their home turf of China they already have 65,000 pre-registrations racked up. While that number is on the low side for typical hot launches in the country, we stress again: they haven’t been pushing this thing hard at all yet.

We’re always wary of trusting pre-registration numbers as a gauge for success, because registering for a product usually involves just putting your email address in. But people are interested, and at this stage that’s all OnePlus can hope for. The OnePlus 5’s official announcement will be made June 20th.

[via MobileXpose]

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