Sony’s PlayLink app lets the whole family in on the gaming fun with their smartphones and tablets


Sony at E3 announced a new app that’ll help make it easier for the whole room — whether it be your family members, roommates, or party guests — to join in on their phones and tablets when you play PS4.

It’s called PlayLink, and the idea is to draw the whole room in with gameplay sequences they can control using their devices. This might seem odd in an age where you can use multiple controllers wirelessly, but the PlayLink does offer some unique advantages.

For starters, Sony is going for ease of use here, so folks who don’t know their way around a DualShock can pick their phones up and join in without having to suffer through the frustrations of learning a new control scheme.

It also enables cool things like selfie interactions. Imagine the game prompts everyone to take a selfie and your photos appear in a game of some sort, perhaps as an avatar or even as part of the narrative. For instance, a game called That’s You is a quiz-style game that dishes out over 1,000 questions, some of which can be answered with doodles and selfies.

There are also trivia games where you answer with your phone, a singing game where you can use your phone’s microphone, and a mystery crime thriller that lets you and your friends work together to make decisions and unlock clues to solve the case.

Party games will always have their place in the world, and thanks to the advent of smartphones, PlayLink is sure to make them even more enjoyable for the family to participate no matter which devices they’re comfortable using! We’re not sure when, exactly, to expect PlayLink’s arrival, but Sony promises things will be ready by the end of this year.

[via Sony]

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