OnePlus 5’s second camera is monochromatic, here’s a sample


Dual cameras on smartphones are typically used to enable one of 2 things: true “optical zoom” where one lens is wide-angle and the other is more telephoto. Then there’s the one that opts to take on a monochromatic trait exclusively.

The latter was first seen by Huawei’s Leica-powered P9 which used the monochromatic sensor to bring better balance in low-light photos, as these sensors are typically able to draw out more detail. One could also just as soon take a photo in pure black and white, which is what Carl Pei seems to have done with the OnePlus 5.

Previous reports have said that the OnePlus 5’s dual camera sensor would be of the monochromatic variety, so it’s likely this is more than just a desaturation trick.

The photo here is rather sharp and full of detail. Specs of water, scares, and even individual strands of hair stand out with a nice contrast to give the photo some real depth. And that depth of field with the blurred sea craft in the background? Loving it.

OnePlus seems really proud of their camera even before we get to learn about the rest of the device, so we have a feeling this is one element we no longer have to worry about when wondering whether OnePlus phones hit all the right notes in all the important areas. The phone is being fully announced June 20th.

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