Early OnePlus 5 low-light photo sample looks really promising


The OnePlus 5 is getting dual cameras and the DxOMark treatment, so to say OnePlus is throwing all their weight behind making sure it’s up to snuff would be an understatement. The company is so excited about the camera, in fact, that their CEO is already teasing photo samples from the thing.

Pete Lau took to Weibo with a night time shot of an interesting looking building. The photo has a respectable level of noise visible in the night’s sky, but it’s pretty clear otherwise. You can even see a couple of stars shining bright.

The building in the shot boasts a good amount of detail for this resolution, with shadow lines from nearby plants being notably distinct.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a full resolution image to look at in order to really dig into its fine details, but it looks like we may not have to worry about the competency of the OnePlus 5’s photography capabilities here in the early going. We’ll learn more June 20th.

[via MyFixGuide]

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