OnePlus continues to hype up the OnePlus 5, this time with a camera sample


As we get closer to the OnePlus 5 release, the company continues to tease the device in various ways. These teasers have been taking place for the last few weeks, and the latest offers a look at the camera capabilities of the OnePlus 5.

This teaser comes almost 2 weeks after it was confirmed that OnePlus was working with DxOMark for the OnePlus 5’s camera. However, we still don’t have an idea as to whether we’ll be seeing a dual camera setup, or if OnePlus 5 will “stick with what works” and feature the traditional single sensor setup.

Other than seeing some prototypes showing off the supposed design of a dual camera setup, other spec leaks and rumors have suggested we’ll see only one sensor. This camera is said to come in around 23MP, but it’s obvious from the tweet above that OnePlus is definitely working on the low-light capabilities.

Let us know what you think about this latest teaser and if you’re getting more excited to see what’s in store from OnePlus in 2017.


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