May 25th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 11:28 am

HTC today announced availability of a new VR headset of theirs known as the HTC Link. It’s a standalone unit made to be paired with the HTC U11.

Before you go crazy, no: this isn’t the Vive-branded Daydream headset we heard about at Google I/O. The Link, instead, is a unit that features 6 degrees of freedom motion and delivers immersion through its 2 3.6-inch 1080  x 1200 panels running at a 90Hz refresh rate. It features a 110-degree field of view and comes in at just 554g, weight-wise.

The bad news is the headset will only be available in Japan, where a new Ghost in the Shell VR experience is being promoted for fans of that anime. But don’t expect it to reach far outside of that region. That’s no matter, though: the Daydream-based Vive model shouldn’t take long to make its way to the surface when HTC announces it later this year.

[via UploadVR]

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