Google Photos finally has an archive feature


Google seems to be rolling out a new archive feature for Google Photos, with some folks spotting the change in their app. We’ve been waiting for this since, like, forever.

The archive button lets you hide select photos from view that you may not want to see in your photo collection, but also don’t want fully deleted. This is useful for keeping important things like, say, photo receipts, that you want access to in the near future but don’t want it muddying up your otherwise beautiful collection.

Archived photos are kept in their original folders and are still considered part of whichever albums they were originally associated with, but they won’t show up in your main photo feed or as options for things like automatic video highlights. It’s like sweeping dust under a rug: it’s there, but you can’t see it so who cares? Make sure your app is updated and it should be showing up for you in no time.

[via Reddit]

Quentyn Kennemer
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