Nest may be working on a new camera with a 4K sensor

Nest Cam

Contemporary imaging trends see most camera manufacturers making the natural jump to 4K, so Nest’s wishes to do the same for their product comes as no surprise.

Android Police reports that Nest is looking to bring out a 4K version of their home security camera, although you shouldn’t expect to view 4K video feeds. Instead, the camera zooms to produce a 1080p image whenever it detects motion, giving you a clearer image than you would otherwise get with an image that has to start at 1080p. You’ll be able to downscale it to 1080p if you want, but… why?

Anyway, expect to pay a pretty penny of a premium above the $200 mark of current Nest cams, with the price tag supposedly being in the $300 range. It’ll be powered by USB-C and will also have an LED ring to signify when it’s recording. Oh, and it won’t work outside.

No word on when we’ll see it debut, but Nest’s last big product launch came in July 2016, so we’d say we’re just about due for another one pretty soon.


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