Android Pay finally comes to Canada and 4 other countries


Canadians have had a long wait for Android Pay to launch despite being in the country just north of Google’s. Hints of its arrival have popped up over the past few weeks with users noticing the Android Pay apps hitting their phone.

Today, Google finally formally announced that Android Pay is expanding there, along with expansions to Brazil, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan. It sounds like the rollout still isn’t happening just yet, but they’ve put the all-important “soon” tag on it, so that’s better than the “maybe sorta whenever” vibes we’ve been getting.

Google also announced a gluttony of other changes too, including a new Google Payments API to give developers a trusted payment option on the mobile and web, the ability to send payments to friends and family via Google Assistant, an easier way to link your loyalty cards to Android Pay, and a new API for retailers to automatically deliver new offers to those who register their loyalty cards with Android Pay, with Panera being one of the early confirmed partners.

[via Google]

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