May 17th, 2017

Much to the chagrin of Android users in countries where Google Assistant still isn’t available, Google has just announced that the Google Assistant is headed to the iPhone.

If you know Google, well, you had to see this coming. They want their apps on as many (popular) devices as they can get them on. They want iPhone users to be able to buy and wear Android Wear watches if they want. They want Google searches done on their biggest rival’s desktop. And now they want the Google Assistant to offer assistance to whoever should seek it.

Of course, it may not be quite as good as it is on Android, what with iOS not allowing apps to be called on using wake-up words. You’ll likely have to initiate your query by first going into the app and then engaging it with a microphone button, but it’s better than nothing.

This’ll be great not just for exclusive iPhone users, but also Android users who also happen to use an iOS device, such as Android phone owners with an iPad.

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