May 16th, 2017

The HTC U11 was officially announced earlier today. Like the HTC U Ultra, it has a super high-gloss metallic finish. It’s almost like looking in the mirror. If that finish wasn’t flashy enough, HTC has made 5 different colors for the phone: silver, blue, black, red, and white.

Here in the US, we’re only getting the silver, blue, and black colors for the unlocked and Verizon models. If you’re on Sprint, you’re stuck with only the blue model. The “Solar Red” and “Ice White” won’t be coming stateside.

So what color do you like the most? Do you prefer simple black and white, or do you like the flashier blue and red? If you like the mirror look, silver is the best choice. Let us know in the poll below which color you would choose.


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