New details emerge regarding the OnePlus 5’s design and capabilities


The hits just keep on coming as we are learning more about the OnePlus 5 on a practically daily basis. Over the weekend we saw what could have been a prototype for the upcoming device, while OnePlus also took to Weibo to confirm a Summer release.

This time around, we are getting a look at what is said to be sketches of the OnePlus 5, along with some Geekbench results. Starting with these sketches, the drawings show a completely different design than we’ve seen from other leaks and renders.

The OnePlus 2

Instead, the sketches show a design extremely similar to that of the OnePlus 2, with the vertical bar on the rear of the device. However, unlike the OP2, the OnePlus 5 will include dual rear cameras.

Additionally, the drawings show that OnePlus may take a page out of Google’s book by offering two different build materials on the rear of the device. The top portion of the back would be made from ceramic, allowing for the sensors to be placed in this area without the user worrying about interference.

The rest of the sketches show the return of the 3.5mm headphone jack, along with dual selfie cameras. There are no specific specifications mentioned on these sketches, other than the ceramic covering, alert slider, and dual camera setups on the front and back.

But if you wanted a taste of some specs, you’re in luck as a new screenshot has leaked for the OnePlus 5. This time around we’re looking at some Geekbench results, with both the single-core and multi-core scores tallied.

While the System Information doesn’t share what is powering the device, it does confirm that this is the OnePlus 5 running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. As for the results, the OnePlus 5 scored higher than even the Galaxy S8 Plus, with a multi-core score of 6687. The single-core score of 1963 was good for 3rd place, behind the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 Plus.

If you’re anything like us, we know you’re getting more and more excited about this device by the day. Sound off in the comments below what you think about these latest leaks for the OnePlus 5.

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