Last updated: Oct 20th, 2016.

The Pixel is Google's new smartphone for 2016. It was the first phone under the new "Made by Google" brand. The Google Pixel features a 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 821 chipset, 4GB of RAM, a 12.3MP camera that was rated the best smartphone camera by DxOMark at the time of its launch, and more.

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4 Amazing Underrated Meditation Apps for Android

We all know the harm that stress can cause to our nervous system and our bodies. It’s well documented as being one of the leading causes of death in our modern world. While there is an interesting debate to be had around what we consider Good vs Bad stress it’s unanimous that reducing our overall stress levels …

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Review

The Pixel is Google’s best effort yet at creating their own version of the iPhone. With Google finally stepping up to the plate and taking control over both hardware and software, how does the Pixel stand out in a sea of handsets offering bigger specs and more features? Check out our review to find out.

Google Pixel Camera Review

By now we’ve all heard Google’s claims that the camera in their new line of Pixel smartphones isn’t just one of the best smartphone cameras on the market — it’s the king of them all. Time to put that to the test.

Best Google Pixel & Pixel XL cases

The Pixel and Pixel XL are two of the most highly anticipated Android devices of the year. Some Android phones don’t have a lot of great cases to choose from, but it’s looking like the Pixel phones will not suffer from that problem. There are already plenty of good-looking cases from Google and other 3rd-party …

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This is the Pixel 5, Google’s $699 flagship smartphone

The Pixel 5, Google’s 2020 “flagship” smartphone has finally landed. To put things simply, Google’s latest device isn’t going to be competing with high-end smartphones when it comes to performance. Instead, the Pixel 5 focuses more on delivering a well-rounded photography experience, great software and good battery life with just enough performance to keep casual …

Android 11 is officially here and is rolling out to Pixel smartphones

Google has officially release the Android 11 update, giving its Pixel smartphone owners the privileged of being the first to update their devices to the latest and greatest version of Android.The update is rolling out now to nearly all of Google’s Pixel smartphones. The only device in Google’s lineup that being left out is the …

Here are 12 cases that will look great with your new Pixel 4a

There’s a good chance that the Pixel 4a could steal the show for the next 6-months or so, as the best overall Android phone you can get. While Samsung is out there targeting those wanting a futuristic design, the Pixel 4a is keeping things simple, while focusing on the parts that matter. From a fantastic …

If this is the Pixel 5, we should all be pissed!

For months now, the Pixel 5 rumor mills have delivered conflicting messages regarding Google’s upcoming 2020 flagship smartphone. From the design to the phone’s specs, the message has shifted and evolved as we inch our way closer to the eventual launch this fall.While this isn’t necessarily unusual, the difference between the Pixel 5 and most …

How to restore a Pixel device using a cloud backup

The Google Pixel is the peak of the Android experience but even the purest Android software can begin to slow down over time. With a combination of caching information, unused apps, and depleting storage, it is inevitable that over time the Google Pixel may not continue to perform how it did from day one.As much …