There may not be a ‘DROID’-branded version of the Moto Z2


Today’s been a pretty busy day, but the most shocking news may be from @evleaks as he suggests that a long-standing deal with Motorola and Verizon may be coming to a close. Ever since Motorola launched its Verizon-branded smartphones, we have seen the DROID branding. This even expanded to the notifications as your devices would yell ‘DROID’ at you when receiving a message or email.


The DROID branding has been reserved for flagships that were only available through Verizon, with the Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid being the most recent devices to see the branding. The biggest exception to this rule was the original Moto X lineup, which was devoid of any DROID branding.

If this tweet from Blass comes to fruition, we could see more Motorola devices made available through other carriers. This would be huge as the only way to get use a Moto Z device was to purchase the device at full price directly from Motorola unlocked.

We’re nearing some type of announcement from Motorola regarding the Moto Z2, at which point we’ll likely learn whether this rumor comes true.


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