Google is already testing actual Pixel 2 hardware


It seems Google and the boys are pretty far along in the R&D stages for the next Pixel phone, which we’re just going to be calling Pixel 2 for now. New code commits at AOSP show hints of development for the Walleye, one of the codenames associated with the upcoming wares.

It seems Google has a gaggle of developers working on the device’s software without actually having one, but they do at least have some prototypical hardware floating about with one developer ecstatic to test out some of his patchwork on it.

Right now, this doesn’t mean much unless you’re the type to go snooping around the public areas of silicon valley and Google’s campuses to see if you can spot any Googlers toting unreleased devices.

To be honest, though, we would be very surprised if field testing is being conducted this early on, so unless Google has vastly accelerated their typical release schedule (they normally don’t launch smartphones until at least autumn) we’d say it’s safe to assume any prototypes are still being kept in-house. Let’s see if Google I/O has any surprises to offer in the next couple of weeks.

[via SlashGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
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