Acer Leap Ware is a fitness tracker that can predict when you will run out of energy


Acer was in New York announcing a plethora of devices, including this cool Android-powered 360-degree camera. One of the other neat gadgets was the Acer Leap Ware fitness watch. The Leap Ware doesn’t run Android Wear, but it can connect to your phone with Acer’s app.

The watch is powered by a MediaTek chip and a separate bio-sensing chip for fitness and health data. The round watch can track typical things like heart rate, but also some unique things like stamina, stress, and UV exposure. The stamina tracking is one of the headlining features here. It can tell you, during a workout, when your energy will run out.

One of the benefits of not being a full-blown smartwatch is battery life up to 5 days on a single charge. The display is always-on, but it relies on reflection to be bright. The Leap Ware will be available for $149 in July. That’s a pretty good price for an attractive smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid.

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