Apr 28th, 2017

Acer unveiled a number of Windows devices at an event in New York City, but one device, in particular, caught our Android eye. The Acer Holo 360 is essentially an Android phone with a 360-degree camera. The camera is the headlining feature, but it also runs Android.

Acer didn’t reveal much about the Android implementation. We don’t know what version it’s running, but we do know it has a touchscreen and is capable of WiFi and 4G LTE connections. Acer was also short on details for the camera component. We don’t know the megapixels or angle of the lenses. Pricing and availability are also still up in the air.

We can see a lot of potential in a device like this. Obviously, the technology isn’t quite there to make this a thing everyone will want. The cameras are still big and the display is pretty small. However, in the future, it could be made into a more traditional phone form factor. Are you interested in the Holo 360?

[via AF News]

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