Apr 27th, 2017

Google has announced the availability of the Google Assistant SDK. The SDK is being launched in preview form for developers who want to get a head start on building it into, well, whichever devices they want.

You could get it loaded up on a Raspberry Pi if you wanted, which means that almost anything you could prototype using a Raspberry Pi could become a Google Assistant device. Your fridge could become your next Google Home if you really wanted.

Those looking to build the Google Assistant into their devices will find it to be a rather easy affair, one that only requires develop knowledge of an API that handles authentication and parsing queries. Those queries get sent to Google for all the AI-driven cloud bits, and the result is passed back to the local machine just as it would happen on Google Home or your phone.

Developers who want to get started can grab it from the Google Assistant SDK website right here. As for us non-developer types, this means it’s time to start watching for tons of crazy new Assistant-infused devices to begin popping up left and right.

[via Google]

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