Apr 26th, 2017

So, according to a teardown of the latest Google App beta, the company could be preparing to stick a search box in your notifications tray. We’re not exactly sure how this will be implemented, but we can certainly imagine what it’d look like.

The question is how deep would Google go with this implementation. Are we getting an actual search bar ala the iconic white Google bar you’d see on, say, the Pixel launcher? That would require either some very tricky UI manipulation or even new code in the Android firmware altogether. Google could also go with something simple like a persistent notification that would bring up a Google Search box on top of whatever you’re doing whenever pressed, not unlike Link Bubble or Facebook Chat Heads.

Either way, it sounds like it’d be pretty neat, and any concerns about pervasiveness should be quelled by the likelihood of it being an optional feature. Let’s hope it won’t take long to see what Google’s planning. The better question for now, though, is whether you’d even want something like this. Let us know your thoughts ahead.

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