Spotify looks to be making their own hardware


Enter Spotify as the next unlikely contender in the growing market of wearables. The company looks to be jumping into the fold with a wearable, and perhaps other types of hardware products.

That much was hinted in the following job listing on their website:

We are looking for a passionate and seasoned Senior Product Manager that will join the Platform & Partner Experience team working to build frictionless and creative Spotify experiences via fully-connected hardware devices.

You will be leading an initiative to deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers; a category defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles. You will define the product requirements for internet-connected hardware, the software that powers it, and work with suppliers/manufacturers to deliver the optimal Spotify experience to millions of users. Above all, your work will affect the way the world experiences music & talk content.

The references to competing products doesn’t mean much in terms of learning Spotify’s specific plans as they were seemingly included merely for their disruptive nature, which is certainly the lone trait Spotify would want to borrow if they could only have one. But we could definitely see some sort of home speaker or even a fitness wearable where deep Spotify integration is its catch.

Of course, Spotify’s not ignoring that there’s a huge market for music hardware out there already, so their search for a product manager to deploy Spotify on as many consumer electronics products they can should cover the bases in their hardware strategy.

[via ZatzNotFunny]

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