Clustertruck & The Final Station: Double Dose of Indie ‘Driving’ Hits Android


When it comes to hyper realistic racing simulations, there’s no shortage of video game franchises that capture the look and feel of driving real world vehicles at high speed. But sometimes it’s refreshing to play something that puts a different spin on vehicle-based games.

Two such games that accomplish just that are pulling into SHIELD TV today: Clustertruck and The Final Station. Published by tinyBuild, both Clustertruck and The Final Station deliver an entirely original gaming experience that while set entirely on (and in) moving vehicles actually have nothing to do with traditional driving or racing. But as you’ll soon discover after starting up their ignitions, they each offer a thoroughly engaging experience unlike anything else you’ve played.

Set entirely on the tops of 18-wheeler trucks, Clustertruck is a first-person, physics-based platformer that tasks players with racing towards the end of the level while doing their best to avoid falling off the trucks, which are unfortunately being steered by completely unqualified drivers.

On top of the recklessly driven truck tops you must navigate that are the “game world”, you must also dodge numerous lethal environmental hazards such as moving mountains, massive boulders, lasers and trucks falling from the sky to name a few. It’s absolute chaos and a blast to play.

Keeping with the theme of over-the-top vehicular mayhem, Clustertruck also boasts vibrant stylized visuals that look great on SHIELD TV.

Also hitting SHIELD TV today is The Final Station, a post-apocalyptic adventure that takes place in a train speeding across a zombie-infested world at a hundred miles an hour. Your mission is to keep your train running at all costs—and to scour the world for supplies during stops necessary for crafting items. It’s a survival-horror game like no other. The storyline unfolds across five gripping chapters, providing players with a memorable experience.

Download Clustertruck and The Final Station now on SHIELD TV. Both games deliver vehicular mayhem worth experiencing whether you’re a fan of zombies, strategy games or just in the mood for something completely original and fun.

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