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The Galaxy S8 is officially here and if you want to keep your investment looking pristine as possible, you’re going to need to outfit the device with a case. Whether you’re looking for protection from scratches, accidental drops, or the impending apocalypse, there are plenty of great 3rd party options that wont break the bank. We’ve spent the better part of the day rounding up our favorites, categorizing them into a handy list according to the amount of protection they offer. Take a look.


Elago paper thin (scratch protection) case $8.99

Not everybody likes cases. Generally speaking, even the thinnest cases add a considerable amount of bulk to your device and really just throw a middle finger to the designers and engineers who spent so much time pushing the limits of technology to deliver an impossibly thin smartphone. I’ll admit, I’m in that boat.

Catastrophic events — like a drop from an extremely high surface — will likely destroy your phone no matter what kind of case you have on it, but as someone who has always been really careful with his devices, I do find I’d still like to protect the device from everyday wear and tear. Whether that’s throwing your phone in backpack, laying it down on a hard surface, or perhaps it falling out of your pocket while seated, thin cases are great for this sort of protection and don’t feel like you’ve just strapped a life-preserver around your phone.

The hardest part is finding a case that actually is “ultra thin,” but accessory manufacturer Elago seems to have hit that mark. They have cases for the S8 that are so paper-thin, a recent customer left them a 1-star rating because apparently he felt it wouldn’t provide enough protection from a drop. Sounds great to me.

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Spigen Thin Fit (non-slip) $10.99

Spigen is one of our favorite case manufacturers, building quality products at affordable prices. With so many products to choose from — offering varying degrees of protection — one of our favorites it their Thin Fit line of cases. These hard shell snap-on cases are extremely thin and depending on the color, sometimes feature a smooth, soft touch finish that feels like a baby’s bottom. You know, for extra grip. These come highly recommended.

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Nillkin Lightweight (superior grip) $8.99

Running with the idea of hard shell snap-on cases is Nillkin. This case manufacturer is known for their rubbery cases with a textured back that ensure you’ll never lose your grip. They’re not quite as thin as the above cases, but still thinner than most other cases you’ll find on the market. A really great balance between quality, texture, grip, and thinness.

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Bear Motion (ultimate grip) $7.99

If you’re looking for the best grip you can get in a smartphone case, look no further. Bear Motion’s cases have a texture that feels almost like some kind of rubbery sandpaper. The unique sandstone finish has garnered more than a few fans who swear by the cases and they’re so affordable you might want to consider picking up all the color options. Just sayin’.

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Moderate Protection

Spigen Liquid Air Armor $10.99

If you’re looking for a little added protection but not something that’s going to weigh your phone down or make it feel terribly bulky, it’s hard to go wrong with the Liquid Air Armor from Spigen. These are TPU cases, so they’re tough, flexible, and provide enough protection that your phone should survive — at the very least — a fall from waist height.

Inside the case, Spigen is using their “Air cushion” technology which essentially creates little air pockets all around the interior. This ensures that the case has a little flex in specific high impact areas in the event of a drop.

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Caseology Vault II Series $12.99

Caseology also makes some great cases for the Galaxy S8. There’s a whole bunch of colors and styles, so if you’re looking for something with a different texture or finish, definitely check these out. Good protection, at a great price.

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Incipio Esquire Series $25.90

Incipio designs some of the most stylish cases out there, with a painstaking eye on detail. No matter what you buy from them you can expect a precise fit and designs that serve to enhance the look of your phone — not take away from it.

They offer a wide range of cases, with our favorite being their Esquire series. These cases feature high-quality cloth stitching on the back that give your phone a unique texture for superior grip and style.

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Speck Presidio Grip $39.95

Speck cases don’t come cheap, but they also offer some of the best protection and grip you’d normally only find on rugged cases. The Presidio series features a 2-layer design, with a ribbed interior that wraps around the entire frame of your phone to absorb impact.

Speck says their cases have been independently tested to survive 10-foot drops without breaking a sweat, which could save you the grief of having to replace an entire smartphone. Oh, and if you prefer a more minimal look, you can grab a ridge-less Presidio with a smooth exterior here.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid S (magnetic kickstand) $14.99

Media viewing is extremely important for a lot of folks, but nobody likes leaning over their phone to watch a YouTube when their hands are occupied with other things (eating for example). Thankfully, kickstands are seeing a sort of revival in a lot of cases, with Spigen offering a wonderful option in their Ultra Hybrid S line.

The kickstand on this case is made entire of metal and features a magnet inside the case to keep the stand in place. The case is clear, which is a nice neutral color, but you can find a glossy black variant on their Amazon listing linked below.

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GeekZone (clear TPU) $7.99

Clear TPU cases are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s great when we come across something with a little more visual flair. These specific TPU cases feature a sort of ombré effect with two separate colors on the top and bottom that fade into each other.

Probably best suited for lighter colored variants of the Galaxy S8, but should you prefer a different color variation, there’s also a blue/purple or colorless clear as well.

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Heavy protection

Incipio DualPro $29.99

Here we find Incipio’s thicker line of cases, offering a dual layer design for the utmost protection. A thick rim surrounds the display ensuring it wont ever come in contact with the pavement in the event of a drop and there’s so many color variants you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

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Spigen Slim Armor (wallet) $16.99

Spigen Slim Armor cases come with a dual-layer design that features a tiny back door to stash your credit cards, ID, cash, or anything else that’ll fit. It’s a great mix of protection and utility and means you can leave your wallet at home if you go on a run, or need to make a quick trip to the store.

The best part? This case is surprisingly affordable and comes in black, gun metal (pictured), blue, and pink.

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Maxboost Folio Wallet $12.99

Running with the idea of wallet cases, we came across this great folio wallet case for the Galaxy S8. Your phone simply snaps inside and you can store your credit cards, ID or anything else on the inner flap while protecting your phone’s display.

The clasp is actually magnetic to hold it in place, and the faux leather exterior is perfect for the club or boardroom. For the ladies, there’s also a mint green/pink version if you need something a little more fun.

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YOUMAKER Heavy Duty Kickstand Clip Holster $17.98

Whether you’re an adventurer or blue collar worker, some people need that extra level of protection that only rugged cases can offer. We found this surprisingly affordable rugged case from YouMaker that features a crazy amount of protection with an extra thick rim that fully protects even the front bezels. It’s built like a tank and even comes with a belt clip holster free of charge.

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Urban Armor Gear Metropolis $39.95

Urban Armor Gear has a plethora of rugged cases for the Galaxy S8, coming in variety of designs, colors, and finishes. We chose this one because, not only is it super rugged, the protective flap stores your important cards and keep the front of the device protected from any of life’s mishaps. It’s the ultimate protection and utility.

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Find more at Android Forums!

These are just a few of our favorite cases, but there are much more to choose from. A great place to find more suggestions is the Galaxy S8 forum at Once you’ve selected a case for yourself, share your review with others, or see what others are using on their devices.

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