The Misfit Flare is a $60 fitness tracker with a single LED indicator

MIS1599925; Summer 2017; Misfit; SU17

Misfit is known for providing an interesting take on fitness trackers with its no-frills design. The company has plans to enter the smartwatch market later this year but has just announced its latest fitness tracker, the Misfit Flare.

As is the custom for other offerings from Misfit, the Flare doesn’t actually include a display. Instead, a single LED indicator gives you a heads up during your workouts to let you know your progress. 1 flash of the LED indicates that you have completed 25% of your goal, while 2 flashes indicates 50%, and so on.

The Flare also matches up with its brethren nicely, as it is designed to be worn all day and is water resistant up to 50 meters. Since there’s not display to interact with, you’ll need to use the Misfit application to keep an eye on your progress throughout the day.

In addition to keeping track of your steps throughout the day, the Flare also provides some extra functionality. The first of which is sleep tracking, so you know just how well you’re sleeping (or not) throughout the night. The other feature is the ability to keep track of your swimming laps with the Flare. However, this will cost an extra $9.99 within the Misfit application in order to unlock.

If you’re looking to try out something new and different, the Flare is available now for $60. Unfortunately for some, there is only one band available (Black Sport), so there’s not much customization available on that aspect.

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