Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 ad highlights Infinity Display’s best advantage, fails to address its worst flaw


Samsung is making a big deal about the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display, so much so that it’s the standout feature in almost all its ads, even when they don’t mean for it to be.

That’s not a bad thing, though, because it really is pretty nice. The latest Galaxy S8 ad shows how the 16:9 aspect ratio on older devices is inferior to the new wide format being used in more and more media today. They have content literally “breaking out” of the old frame and into the new one.

Of course, what Samsung isn’t telling you is that most content on services like YouTube and Netflix will still have to sport those black bars on the side if the content wasn’t shot in in an aspect ratio close to its 18.5:9 ratio, such as 21:9 (and the videos will stretch to fill all the display in these instances).

Still, those black bars should be pretty small, and they blend in quite nicely with the little bit of black bezel the devices do sport, so you’ll still be enjoying a pretty neat picture.

And we should note that this only applies to video content. Any good app or game will make proper use of the entirety of the display. Watch the ad for yourself above.

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