Amazon will stream live NFL games this year


Last season, the NFL offered up online streaming rights of their Thursday Night Football games to Twitter. It was a match made in heaven, with folks having a one-stop shop to ont only watch the game, but discuss it with other sports fans.

But it seems Amazon wants to disrupt that this year, with the company striking a similar deal to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games online. It’s not yet known if the games will be free to access or if users will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime, their monthly shopping service which offers a wealth of services such as video and music streaming alongside reduced shipping costs.

The deal is reportedly worth 5 times Twitter’s $10 million bid a year ago, an offer we don’t blame NFL for jumping at without considering the nature of Twitter and the virality that ensured they could keep their brand relevant on the social network.

That being said, live digital is still a fairly new arena for the NFL so perhaps this is simply a case of them exploring different routes to figure out what makes sense in the long run. Either way, you get games live and online, and they get even more money. Here’s to another great season of football!

[via Reuters]

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