Are you still playing Pokemon GO? [POLL]


It’s no secret by now that Pokemon GO’s user base has fallen off big time since its launch in 2016. Comscore data suggests the player base has gone from its peak of 28 million down to around 5 million, give or take a bundle depending on certain in-game events.

So with the generation 2 Pokemon now out, we’re wondering if any of you have returned to the game and are actively still playing. Did Gen 2 even bring you back? And if it did, are you still looking to catch ’em all? And if not, why how long did the addition of new Pokemon hold your interest before you dipped again?

And one last question, because we’re just damn nosey: what would it take to get you back onto Pokemon GO? I personally wouldn’t mind a proper battle system, trading, and, gee, I don’t know, a reason to play it in my apparently barren wasteland known as southwestern Wisconsin where asking someone to point out the nearest Pokemon gym has them wondering why I’m looking for a gym without any workout clothes.

Give us a holler in the comments straight ahead.

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