OnePlus teases “the future of Dash Charge” to be unveiled tomorrow


Yes, we know that April Fools Day is nearing, but we don’t think this is one of those tricks. OnePlus took to Twitter earlier today to tell everyone to “Meet the future of Dash Charge tomorrow”.

For the unaware, Dash Charge was created by Oppo (OnePlus’ parent company) and allows owners of OnePlus devices to charge at ridiculous speeds. For example, the OnePlus 3T can be recharged from 0 to 56% in just 30 minutes and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.

Considering that the OnePlus Dash Car Charger has been out of stock until recently, we are led to believe that the company has something new up its sleeves. Hopefully, they won’t have to release another version of the OnePlus 3T in order for it to work.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be seeing an all-new portable charger or something cool like that. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.


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