LG G6 gets its first TV commercial, Jason Statham nowhere to be found [VIDEO]



LG has just uploaded their first real TV spot for the LG G6 and it’s actually not half bad. Sure, there’s no Jason Statham dancing around in drag, but the commercial does a fairly decent job at highlighting some of the phone’s biggest features. Namely the phone’s small bezels/big screen, water resistance, wide angle camera, and stylish good looks. Honestly, the LG G6 speaks for itself and could be a big hit for LG this year.

Earlier this month LG was showing off the updated user interface features that will be debuting on the device as part of LG’s UX 6.0. There’s plenty of gimmicky features meant to showcase the phone’s unique 18:9 aspect ratio, things like Camera Grid Shot, Match Shot, 360 Panorama, Food Mode, Create GIF, Collage Wallpapers, LG Mobile Switch, Extended Capture, Smart Doctor, and many more. You can see all of them in the length video down below.

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