Official LG G5 commercial features a city filled with Jason Stathams running amok [VIDEO]


If you thought the first LG G5 teaser commercials were a little… odd, it seems they were part of a bigger, much more weird picture. LG has contracted action superstar Jason Statham to star in a series of LG G5 ad spots highlighting all the best features of the phone. Okay, it’s single best feature: a “fun” new modular design.

The commercial features a plethora of Stathams running amok in a city — everything from multiple versions of him fighting in a subway, a baby Statham, dancing female Statham, surfing on bulls, and doing other extreme shenanigans. You can find all of the LG G5’s accessories littered throughout, “Friends” like the LG Rolling Bot, 360 Cam, and VR headset.

We have to admit, it’s actually a pretty fun video which seems to perfectly convey the LG G5’s message: the first phone built for fun. We’re just upset we didn’t get to see more of Jason Statham’s killer dance moves. Fun fact: he apparently got his start as a background dancer in an even stranger video from 90s. Fast forward to the 36-second mark to get an even bigger dose of Statham. You’re welcome.

Chris Chavez
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