This quick video shows the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner in action


Samsung is making a big change for the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner. For the first time ever, Samsung is ditching the home button which has long doubled as the fingerprint sensor in favor of one fixated on the rear of the device.

This will be an awkward change for Samsung faithful to get used to, but a quick video shows that it may not be a big adjustment. The person using the phone in the video does seem to need a slight “hand shimmy” to get their finger in place to unlock the phone, but once they do it seems to work just as fast as you’d expect.

We imagine the biggest issue Samsung may ever face with the placement of this scanner is its offset nature in relation to the camera sensor. This means you may have to give a very slight stretch of the finger to reach the sensor depending on which hand you use the phone in, especially if you opt for the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus.

Those pains are mitigated by the speed at which these fingerprint sensors can unlock phones these days, though, so it shouldn’t prove to be a repellant for all but the most diehard home button fans who are resistant to change.

Quentyn Kennemer
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