Which Samsung Galaxy S8 are you buying? [POLL]


While we’d always advise folks not to make purchase decisions on a phone until official details are made apparent, the Galaxy S8 has been in the spotlight so much to this point that we know almost everything there is to know about it. Even Samsung is starting to confirm its features ahead of the full March 29th unveiling.

So by now, we wouldn’t be surprised if you already made your mind up about which of these things you’re going to buy. You know there’s the Samsung Galaxy S8, which we refer to as the base model. It’s going to be a bit larger on paper than past base models at 5.8 inches, but if you’ve been following along you know that Samsung’s new design allows them to offer a larger screen without having to increase the overall size of the phone much.

Then there’s the Galaxy S8 Plus, which stretches things out to 6.2 inches. Again, it sounds big but should come in at a more Note-like size. It really is an unusual shift in the market.

Even more unusual, though, is that Samsung feels like the smaller one will sell the most this time around after consumers having opted for the bigger Edge model for the past couple of years. That tells us that the Edge model’s appeal might not have been in size, but in its unique Edge display, because both of these new kids will be supporting Edge displays from the jump.

We’re not sure how Samsung came to the conclusion that the script will be flipped this time around, especially considering they have yet to launch pre-sales for the thing, but we want to know if their early projections match some sort of reality. With that, we’re turning to you: which Galaxy S8 are you buying?

With both devices expected to offer the same exact experience in all areas other than sheer display size, does the bigger device become more appealing or would you rather have something more pocketable? Be sure to participate in our poll below and feel free to expand on your choice in the comments below.

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