Mar 20th, 2017

Samsung likes to include headphones in the box for Samsung Galaxy buyers. They haven’t sounded awful, but they don’t always sound great, either.

But with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, it seems Samsung is willing to turn to audio specialists to provide quality cans in the box. AKG — a subsidiary of the Samsung-owned Harman — was tipped as that specialist last month, and now we’re getting our first look at their forthcoming work.

On the outside looking in, we can see that they’re fairly standard sets of earbuds with rubber ergonomic tips, hopefully ones which we can replace with something more fitting for those of us with weird ears. It has a braided cable, and on that cable is the small plate for volume and playback controls, as well as a microphone for phone calls.

Of course, the most important thing with headphones is sound quality, and we obviously can’t judge that by a photo alone. But we can expect decency thanks to the fact that AKG is making and tuning them, so if you’re just a casual music listener or you listen to content where expensive headphones aren’t really necessary, these are likely to satisfy you just fine.

[via GiggleHD]

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