The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are likely to launch in April


A lot has been rumored regarding Samsung’s launch plans surrounding the Galaxy S8. We’ve seen some reports which suggested that Samsung would be launching the device globally (something it hasn’t done before) on the same date, while others have refuted that claim. However, the latest leak seems to do nothing more than confirm an April launch date.

It would seem that someone was able to get their hands on the teaser poster for the Galaxy S8. This poster shows the same teaser we’ve been seeing since the MWC 2017 commercial, along with a “coming soon” tagline with a date of “2017.4”. If this poster is real, then we’re looking at an April release for the Galaxy S8 lineup.

With the devices official announcement pegged for March 25th, it would make sense for Samsung to launch the devices shortly thereafter. Regardless, we’re hoping to learn more at the launch event, so stay tuned to Phandroid for more information as it becomes available.

Let us know what you think about the Galaxy S8 and whether you’ll be looking to pick one up or not.



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