The Galaxy S8 doesn’t have an integrated fingerprint sensor due to lack of time


One of the rumors we heard a lot before the Samsung Galaxy S8 was leaked a dozen times was about an integrated fingerprint sensor. The rumors claimed the Galaxy S8 would have a fingerprint sensor built into the display. This rumor seemed to make sense with the nearly bezel-less display and no physical home button. Apparently, the rumor was true, but Samsung ran out of time.

The Investor is reporting that Samsung and Synaptics, the partner that works on the touch sensor, were running out of time to develop the technology. According to the report, Samsung poured a ton of resources into Synaptics, but the results were frustrating. As production got closer, Samsung had to make the decision to move the sensor to the back of the phone.

The placement of the fingerprint sensor has been one of the few things that people aren’t happy about. From the dozens of leaks we’ve seen so far, it appears to be right next to the camera lens. Not only is that an uncomfortable reach, but it will also lead to smudging the camera. Samsung really wanted to be the first with an integrated sensor, but it sounds like they just ran out of time.

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