Photo reveals Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus on-screen ‘Home’ button


Following yesterday’s leak which gave us out first look at the on-screen “Back” button that will make its debut on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 phones, we now have another image which shows off the on-screen “Home” button for the two phones.

This latest leak actually shows the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus side-by-side with the Always On Displays activated. The Home button is positioned at the bottom of the display, which would allow users to quickly access the phone screen. Apparently, Samsung will be replicating functionality it already has on several of its phones by allowing users to press hard on the Home button’s position (with the display off) to turn the phone on or double tap it to launch the phone’s camera.

Leaks which highlights on-screen navigation buttons may seem a bit drab, but they are actually quite important. Samsung isn’t the only Android OEM still building phones with physical and capacitive navigational buttons, but it definitely is the largest. It will be interesting to see how other Android manufacturers change their approach within the next year.

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