Feb 22nd, 2017

Another LG G6 leak has hit the web, giving us a good look at the white variant of the phone. While the image only treats us to the front side of the phone, the device is shown side-by-side with the LG G5. The main thing we’d like to point out is that the LG G5 and the newer G6 appear to be roughly the same size – despite the G5 having a 5.3-inch display and the G6 having a 5.7-inch display. Naturally, the 18:9 aspect ratio of the G6’s display does help in keeping the footprint of the phone smaller, but we were expecting the device would have been slightly taller than its predecessor.

If you are a fan of “smaller” devices, it look like the LG G6 way be the perfect fit for you. We will be at the LG G6 unveiling at Mobile World Congress on Sunday, so stay tuned for a closer look at LG’s 2017 flagship smartphone.

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