New Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks remove any remaining doubt


Well, the cat’s just out of the bag now. Renders and prototypes, and now even Samsung-made diagrams are spilling the beans on what the Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like.

In case you aren’t caught up, the device is taking on a striking new bezel-light look thanks to the long-awaited removal of the physical home buttons. That gives us a huge surface area for the display, something that allows Samsung to bring these things in at 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, respectively.

As we’d seen before, Samsung is moving the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the phone next to the camera module. The placement is a little odd compared to how others do it, but beggars can’t be choosers — it’s not on the front anymore and that’s what’s important here. These devices also have a slight curve on each vertical edge, so all Galaxy S8 phones are now Edge phones. Hooray!

One thing we haven’t seen much of to date are the software buttons Samsung will be using to let users hop around the Android OS, save for the back button shown in yesterday’s leaked. The ones depicted in the help diagram are… interesting, to say the least. We’re hopeful things will look cleaner and less embossed on the actual unit, especially since Samsung is a big fan of flatness these days.

At this point, there’s little secretive about what we’re getting from Samsung, save for some potential tricks not visible on the surface. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting a bit longer than usual to get our hands on it with Samsung opting not to give a full showing at Mobile World Congress this year.

[via Twitter, Android Police]

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