Pokemon GO’s Gen 2 update brings tons of people back to the game


Last week, Niantic finally released the Gen 2 update for Pokemon GO. The update brought 80 new Pokemon to capture, as well as some balance changes to deliver a better Pokemon catching and battling experience for everyone.

It seems that update was the pick-me-up it needed as Pokemon GO has once again made it to the top charts of both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It’s #1 on the former, but couldn’t beat out Game of War and Mobile Strike for a respectable third place on Android.

Regardless, people are playing it again, a trend that should hopefully encourage Niantic to provide more regular updates.

The question is: how long will this last? Once people collect more of the new Pokemon, will the game return to the middling state it was in for the last moments of 2016 up until the latest update? Maybe.

But that could change. We could get that new trading system Niantic has gone on about. More promotions don’t hurt. We’re also still crossing our fingers for a more engaging battle system that could let 2 trainers duke it out like they would in the video games and anime instead of fighting AI Pokemon situated at a local gym. It’d be a lot of work for Niantic, we’re sure, but if they want continued long-term success then it will be work that’s well worth the effort.

[via Venture Beat]

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