LG G6 will offer wide-range awesomeness on the front and back


In typical LG fashion, the company is doling out bits and pieces about their upcoming device before putting the full meal on the plate. The LG G6 is being unwrapped one layer at a time in that regard, and today we learn more information about the device’s cameras.

The LG G6 will be equipped with a 100-degree wide-angle lens on the front. They didn’t have any details on its makeup, but we can at least expect something similar to the 5MP f/1.9 sensor on the LG V20. Whatever they do, it should be respectable if we’re to trust LG’s prior history.

On the rear, we’re getting dual 13MP cameras which will serve different needs: one is a 125-degree wide angle lens, and the other is your standard affair. This is a trend manufacturers are starting to pick up in order to offer “true zoom” capabilities so folks can take any type of photo and video they need without the drawbacks that come with digital zoom.

It’s also comforting that both cameras on the LG G6 will offer the same resolution instead of the differing megapixel count of the LG V20’s dual-rear setup. Look forward to more details as we lead into Mobile World Congress.

[via LG]

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